Polish School in Bedford

We provide education for children, teenagers and adults. We organise cultural and artistic events promoting Polish culture and as a result helping to integrate the Polish community with British society in Bedford and the surrounding area.

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Why to choose us
A high level of education
We are able to maintain a high level of education. This is due to the thorough monitoring system within our school and the continuous assessment of teachers and students.
Cultural life
Our students participate in interesting cultural events organised by our school and partner institutions - various contests, performances, etc.
Additional activities
We provide a comprehensive package of additional activities developing students interests, inspiring their creativity and thus helping them to implement their ideas.
An individual approach
We are able to find the unique potential and ability of each student as a result of the friendly atmosphere. This in turn gives optimum conditions for intellectual and emotional development.
What parents are saying
Partners and sponsors
Polish British Integration Centre
The Learning Partnership
Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych
Goldington Green Academy
Stowarzyszenie ``Wspólnota Polska``
Sieć Sklepów Wisła
Mirosław Głowczyk, Fryzjer-Stylista
Polski Kościół w Bedford